The new owners of the Hilton Albany refuse to agree to a fair contract. The workers are facing an attack on their livelihoods so severe that they had no choice but to call for a boycott of their own workplace and a picket line. Let’s show our Brothers and Sisters on the picket line what Solidarity looks like!

Tuesday, Sept. 26th | 4:30 pm | Hilton Albany, 40 Lodge St.

“No Con Con” Walk

In the November general election, you will be asked to vote on whether or not New York should hold a convention to change our state constitution. A Convention would be a boondoggle for politicians and corporate lobbyists to take away your wages, benefits and rights. And to make matters worse, you’d have to pay the price tag—hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Your union urges you to VOTE NO!

Please join us for a “No Con Con” Labor Walk.  We will be knocking on doors across New York to let working men and women know about the Constitutional Convention question and why it’s critical that they come out and vote this year against it!

Saturday, Sept. 23rd | 9:30 am | Albany Labor Temple

This will be our first “No Con Con” labor event of many to come. Please click here to RSVP. We hope to see you there!


2017 CDALF Annual Gala

Reserve tickets and journal space now for the 12th Annual CDALF Appreciation Gala, to be held on Thursday, September 7th at the Desmond Hotel in Albany.

Completed order forms, payments, and journal advertisements should be submitted to Kara no later than August 28th at, 302 Centre Drive, Albany NY 12203. Please see the invitation below for further details and instructions.

Gala Invitation Page 1Gala Invitation (Page 2) 2017


Albany County Legislators Letters of Support for Momentive

Thank you Bryan Clenahan, and the rest of the Albany County legislators for your continued support on Momentive’s fight against Corporate Greed in Waterford, NY! The 700 IUE-CWA workers at Momentive Performance Materials have been on strike since November 2nd.  Please read these attached letters from our NYS Legislatures.

20th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Labor Celebration

Every year, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Labor Celebration educates workers that everyone has a right to join and form a union. While Martin Luther King, Jr. fought to end segregation, he also fought to end economic injustice. He recognized that for America to advance as a society, it was essential that all citizens be allowed to thrive through access to good jobs with benefits and good salaries. Unions are how working class people gain access to protection on the job, benefits, and good salaries.

Please join us for this annual, free family event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his important relationship with organized labor.

Monday, Jan. 16th | 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm | TOAST Elementary School


IUE-CWA on strike at Momentive!

At 12:00 pm yesterday, November 2, 2016, the courageous members of IUE CWA went on strike at Momentive Performance Materials in Waterford, NY. These workers made the difficult decision to strike because they are committed to preserving good solid jobs here in our communities. They are fighting for a fair and equitable contract. The company’s “Last Best Final Offer” would drastically raise workers’ health care costs and eliminate all retirement benefits for future retirees.

Further, the potential unskilled replacement workers the company is hiring from out of state, to do the work of the over 700 highly trained members of IUE CWA puts the plant, the products produced at the plant, and the safety of the community at risk.

CLICK HERE -> Please take action to send a message to CEO Jack Boss, Momentive Performance Materials to urge him to bargain in good faith for a fair contract!

RSVP by clicking and show your solidarity on the strike line:
Momentive Strike Line Solidarity
MPM Main Gate• 260 Hudson River Rd, Waterford, NY 12188

For more information on how you can support these strikers, please contact IUE CWA 359,  Dom Patrignani,

2016 Election Labor to Labor Events

Starting this weekend we will begin our labor to labor events. We need volunteers to come out and show support so we can get our endorsed candidates elected!

To RSVP please contact Kara Garbarino at or call (518) 452-0404

The upcoming events are as follows:




Tentative Agreement at Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home in Gloversville!

Last January nurses and allies endured 3 degree weather during a strike and lock-out.  This has been a tough 2 year battle, and we were days away from another strike.

However, After a 25-hour marathon bargaining session, the nurses have reached a tentative agreement at Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home in Gloversville!

The agreement has yet to be ratified, but the strike and lockout notices have been withdrawn.  Thank you to everyone for all of the solidarity!