A Nurse’s place is with their patients!

Tell Ellis Hospital how you feel about the NYSNA lockout.

NYSNA RNs at Ellis Hospital have been working hard to win a contract that safeguards nurses and patients alike, including not only benefits and guarantees for the nurses themselves but mechanisms for patient advocacy and safe-staffing ratios as well. Nurse to patient ratios at Ellis Hospital have been a consistent problem, with chronic understaffing leading to nurses who are overworked and patients whose quality of care suffers. Our nurses, families, and communities deserve better.

In response to unfair labor practices committed by Ellis and a stalemate over contract provisions relating to enforceable safe-staffing guidelines, the NYSNA nurses of Ellis Hospital have announced a one-day strike, to occur on Thursday, September 3rd. In retaliation management at Ellis Hospital has made plans for a 4-day lockout of these valuable RNs, keeping experienced hard-working nurses away from their patients throughout the holiday weekend. This is a shameful attempt to dissuade our nurses from continuing their legal advocacy efforts on behalf of safe-staffing and patient care, and is unacceptable behavior from such an important medical facility.


PrintJoin us in telling Ellis CEO Paul Milton how you feel about this lockout, and send him an email at MiltonP@EllisMedicine.org. Use our sample email below, or craft your own message about patient care and safe-staffing. Once you’ve sent your email, right-click the image above to “save image as,” download, and share it with your friends on Facebook, encouraging them to email Ellis as well. Be sure to copy the sample email into the description when you post the photo.

Sample Email:

Dear Mr. Milton,

I just learned of Ellis Medicine’s plan to lockout NYSNA RNs following their recently announced one day strike for safe-staffing and quality patient care. This is a shameful response to the advocacy these nurses have been doing on behalf of their patients and communities, and I will think twice before seeking care at a facility that ignores the serious concerns being raised by their staff. The issues of chronic under-staffing and reckless nurse-to-patient ratios are alarming and real, and I urge you to rethink your planned lockout of these nurses, and instead meet them in good-faith at the bargaining table to work together and solve these grave problems. I respect the nurses’ right to strike, and believe that Hospital policies work best when on-the-ground staff has a mechanism for raising and addressing concerns, like those over current staffing policies. These nurses have my full support.



Have a Twitter account? You can also tweet at Ellis Hospital by using one of our sample tweets below, or crafting your own. Be sure to include @EllisMedicine in your messages on Twitter, and show your support of our local RNs by including @nynurses as well.

  • A nurse’s place is w/ their patients! @EllisMedicine’s plan to lockout @nynurses is a shameful response to RNs’ advocacy for #safestaffing
  • I stand w/ @nynurses in their fight for #safestaffing & quality patient care! Shame on you @EllisMedicine for planning to lockout these RNs 
  • @nynurses are the backbone of @EllisMedicine. I’ll think twice before seeking care at a facility that locks out its valuable & dedicated RNs
  • RNs are the 1st line of defense when Hospital policies don’t work for patients. @EllisMedicine should work w/ @nynurses, not lock them out


Labor Day Pickets With NYSNA

ellisnurses4NYSNA has announced a 1-Day strike, and in return Ellis Hospital has announced a 4-Day lockout.

For the nurses of Ellis Hospital, the hospital has been not only their home, but a place with an outstanding reputation for keeping the community safe, healthy and taken care of. However, since January they have watched that reputation fade. The problem is safe staffing ratios.

Hospital management has spoken out in recent months about safe staffing issues. While NYSNA is fighting for a law to set statewide safe staffing levels in hospital settings, the nurses’ negotiating team at Ellis is asking that the hospital follow the safe staffing rules that the hospital’s own team creates each year so that patient care will stop suffering.

These nurses are not bargaining for their own basic needs, but are negotiating for solutions to staffing problems that affect the quality of healthcare received by every member of our community.

Please join us in supporting our nurses:

  • Thursday, Sept. 3rd | Rally | 1st day of strike
    • 7:00 am
    • 11:30 am
    • 5:00 pm
  • Friday, Sept. 4th | Rally at 11:30 am
  • Saturday, Sept. 5th | Rally at 10 am
  • Sunday, Sept. 6th | Rally at 10 am
  • Monday, Sept. 7th | Rally at 10 am | last day of lockout

Each rally will be for 1 hour.

Please RSVP to Kara at KGarbarino@cdalf.org if you plan on attending.

All picket events will take place at Ellis Hospital, on Nott Street in Schenectady.

Labor Day in the Capital District

NYSNA Picket: Final Day of Ellis Hospital Lock-Out

Monday Sept. 7 10:00am | Ellis Hospital, Nott Street, Schenectady

Our NYSNA RNs will be closing the final day of their lock-out of Ellis Hospital with a 10:00am rally and picket. Please join us in solidarity with nurses who are striking for solutions to safe-staffing problems that damage the quality of care available to our communities. For more information about the NYSNA strike and lock-out, click here.

Annual Labor Day Solidarity Picnic

Please join us in supporting the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District in their annual picnic and celebration,

Monday Sept. 7 | Noon to 5 pm | Cook Park in Colonie.

This event is a potluck picnic, so please bring a dish to pass. Festivities include; awards, speeches, a Silent Auction, and music including the Solidarity Singers.

This event is free and open to everyone in honor of celebrating the significant contributions of working women and men.

Annual Labor Day Parade

Please join us in supporting the Labor Parade Committee of the Capital District for their Labor Day parade and picnic,

September 11th | 5 pm | Academy Park in Albany.

Festivities will kick-off with a parade, assembling at 5 pm at Academy Park on Washington Avenue (near the NYS Capitol). Food, fireworks, and live music will continue the evening at Jennings Landing in the Corning Preserve starting at 6 pm. If you would like to park you vehicle near the corning preserve, buses will transport attendees from Jennings Landing to the start of the parade (Academy Park) between 5 and 5:30pm.

For those traveling check out labor day events near you!

Every day, working people use their talent, perseverance and drive to make our nation stronger. Too often, they are made secondary to corporate interests who only care about their own self benefits. This Labor Day should be a celebration of working families, because we are ready to stand up together, reform the rules and bring lasting economic balance so that every family can pursue the American Dream and work towards a better life.

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day


Black Women’s Equal Pay Day marks the length of time into 2015 that African-American women would need to work to catch-up to the pay earned by white men in 2014. While the wage gap affects women of all races and backgrounds, it is especially pronounced for women of color, with the average African-American woman earning just 64 cents to every dollar earned by their white male peers.

Click here to learn more about this troubling pay gap, and Join us today from 2:00-3:00pm as we participate in a Coalition of Labor Union Women​ twitter storm in support of #BlackWomenEqualPay.

Use one of the sample tweets below, or craft your own using the hashtag #BlackWomenEqualPay to join the conversation!

  •  Unions close the pay gap: Black women union members make 13.1% more than non-members. #BlackWomenEqualPay #RaisingWages
  • Black women close the wage gap when they organize. Lola Smallwood Cuevas: http://tinyurl.com/onc4abd #BlackWomenEqualPay #AndStillIRise
  • Black women make 64 cents for every dollar made by a white man. What would you do with a 56% raise? #BlackWomenEqualPay #RaisingWages
  •  What would you do with a 56% raise? #BlackWomenEqualPay #RaisingWages
  • Education is not enough: black women with BAs on average earn $10,000 less than white men with Associate’s degrees. #BlackWomenEqualPay
  • The poverty rate for black lesbian couples is 21%, more than five times the rate for white heterosexual couples. #BlackWomenEqualPay
  • The #wagegap between black women & white men union workers is 25% smaller than among non-union workers. #BlackWomenEqualPay #RaisingWages


Equal Access to FiOs

We’re gathering signatures from residents in Capital Region cities, towns, and surrounding suburbs who would be interested in getting FiOS internet service if Verizon offered it where they live. We’ll be presenting these signatures to the Public Service Commission (PSC) at the hearing on Thursday, August 13th at 6PM at the Bethlehem Town Hall. 

FiOs is currently only offered in a few select areas in the Capital Region and we believe this valuable resource should be an option for everyone, including all of our business, educational, and medical facilities who rely on having access to quality, hi-speed internet.

CLICK HERE to add your name!

Celebrating 50 Years of Medicare

121941-Medicare  alice-2Thursday, July 30th | 12:00pm-2:30pm

Cohoes Music Hall (58 Remsen St., Cohoes)

Please join us next week as ​we celebrate Medicare’s 50th Birthday!

Festivities will include Birthday cake, remarks by Medicare advocates and guest speakers, and a musical performance by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame).

Since 1965 Medicare has been a boon in the struggle to provide access to affordable healthcare to seniors, but even today there are efforts being made in Congress to privatize this vital social safety net service. Click the image to the right to view the full-sized flier, and join us on Thursday to learn more about what you can do to help in the fight to preserve and grow Medicare!

Summer Opportunities with NYSUT

Our brothers and sisters at NYSUT and Citizen Action are looking for local NYSUT members and education advocates to become part of their grassroots team. These team members will have the opportunity to spend time talking to the public about important education issues – while getting paid for it!Are you friendly and willing to work hard and stay positive? Are you a problem solver? Are you passionate about public education and saving the world? 

If that sounds like you, you might be the perfect fit for this fast-paced and exciting summer opportunity. Grassroots organizing is one of the most rewarding jobs you could ever have, because you get the chance to make a real difference that you can see every day that you’re out in the community!

Sounds great, right? Click here to apply today so you don’t miss out!