Ongoing Actions

Your CDALF never stops fighting for the working class!

There are both ongoing and upcoming actions that you can join us in to help labor across the Capital District.

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Staples Boycott

Staples wants to place US Postal Service kiosk in their stores across the country, effectively replacing union jobs with minimum wage employees.  Join the American Postal Workers Union and the AFL CIO in boycotting Staples until they end this regressive program!


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Making NY Work

Local and statewide programs in New York give away roughly $7 billion worth of tax breaks to businesses each year, in the hopes of attracting “job creating” corporations and incentivizing them to stay. These tax breaks often produce little longterm employment or economic growth for low and middle income New Yorkers- those of us making up the difference with our personal taxes.

Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) offer an excellent example of these deeply flawed programs. IDAs grant tax exemptions and other incentives to businesses under the guise of spurring economic development and growing local jobs. Unfortunately, the beneficiaries of these tax exemptions rarely face any level of accountability and routinely fall short of delivering the jobs they promise. In 2011, 46% of projects receiving support from IDAs lost jobs, failed to create a single job, or never made any job promises. This gross misappropriation of tax dollars only serves to agitate New York’s already staggering income inequality, by serving the interests of businesses and corporations who are not accountable to the communities that house their operations.

New Yorkers can’t afford this type of “development” anymore. The time has come for policies at the state and local level which work to build a New York that works for all of us, not just the privileged few. Click the image above to learn more about the NYS AFL-CIO’s “Making NY Work” initiative, and what were doing to make NY work for you!